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The Seattle Arnis Academy welcomes you to embark on a journey of learning the Filipino Martial Arts of Arnis, Kali & Eskrima.   The Filipino Martial Arts have a rich history and are known as one of the most effective and deadly martial art styles ever developed.    Our goal is to develop a students ability to defend themselves against anyone, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.   We believe that  the complete martial artist has a balance of mind, body and spirit and when unified together becomes an unstoppable force at anything they decide to attain in life.  

Our training is fun, exciting and challenging!   Your training will consist of the following:  empty hand skills, joint locks, single & double baston,  kicking techniques, throwing, sweeping & takedowns, pressure point/nerve attacks, choking, grabbing & locking, knife & bolo, sibat/staff, nunchakau, throwing knives, flexible weapons and beginner, intermediate and advanced sparring.   We also engage in special environmental training which includes: outdoor training, night training, adversity training and a few other surprises that you will find fun and challenging to heighten your sense of skill and martial development.

Seattle Arnis Academy is the the only full time Filipino Martial Art training academy in Seattle.  We offer more classes and more training hours per week than any other FMA school  in the area!    We offer several classes 6 days a week, including both day and evening classes.  We offer unlimited training opportunities to meet your demanding schedule.  Come and see why other martial artists choose to train with us!  We also offer law enforcement, security, EMS &  military discounts on our training programs. 

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